Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Blogger Template Designer

Well how does it look, good? I just freshened up the look of our photo blog using the NEW Blogger Template Designer and I love it! I literally hated the old Blogger Template's, I was so over seeing the same old styles, I can't even tell you how over it I was. Oh yes I can, I was actually shopping around for a new one. Then I stumbled upon Blogger In Draft. Have you heard about it? Check this out, did you know there's a secret version of your Blogger that you can log into to access new advanced features prior to general public release. Yes, if you have a Blogger blog there's a whole set of new features you've been missing out on, like New Blogger Template Designer the brand new customizable templates featuring exciting new column layout configurations your going to love, because your going to be able to squeeze a lot more stuff onto your Blogger Blog than ever before.

You'll also find a nice new blog post preview and the missing Blogger video uploader that I think disappeared a while back, or am I imagining that? I could swear there was a video uploader, then it was like gone one day... Well I found it, and I'm going to hook you up. Currently you must log into it from the Blogger In Draft special access at this secret Blogger URL OK, now that the cat's out of the bag, you've got some work to do updating your Blogger Blog with the new Blogger Template Designer.

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