Monday, November 02, 2009

Crab Cooker Hot Spring, CA

On our way back up to Lake Tahoe from the Phish festival in Southern California we stopped for a relaxing soak in Crab Cooker Hot Spring in the Mammoth Lakes area. This is a very active geothermal area and there are lots of springs in the area.

Jack is enjoying the breathtaking view of the Sierra Mountains while relaxing in Crab Cooker hot springs. More of a hot tub Crab Cooker is fed by hot water piped in from the actual spring nearby.

You can literally park right next to the Hot Spring Tub!

The view from the springs, absolutely beautiful.

The PVC pipe that the steaming hot water comes out of has a valve to stop and start the water. The water is so hot that you just can't keep the spigot turned on or you'd boil. The trick is to keep it off unless needed to warm up the hot tub.

The source of the hot water was a spring not far away.

We parked right by the hot spring.

If you visit Crab Cooker do not bring glass. Glass and hot springs do not mix. Plus, the tub features several convenient can holders.

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  1. That's actually shepherd hs - crab cooker is a little hike off the beaten track from there