Friday, October 30, 2009

Phish 8 Festival Photos

We are celebrating Halloween weekend at the Phish festival in Indio, CA. I will be posting fresh, new Phish 8 festival photos and short video clips here all weekend, so stay tuned I guarantee you it will be curious, interesting and quite possibly rather bizzare at times, but always entertaining.
Why is Trey Anastasio smiling?

He just hinted while going into the song David Bowie that Phish is covering David Bowie's Hunky Dory at the Phish 8 festival in CA or are they? Jake and Heather insist they are covering the Rolling Stones, they say "the horns are hired". (Disclaimer: I've been wrong before.)

The sunsets over Hunky Dory campground at Phish 8. We are camped in Hunky Dory Campground.

The Balloon light show over the Phish audience.

Phish live video clip at Phish 8, Indio performing Wolfman's Brother in HD.

Phish is really running a nice festival so far, very pleased with the weather, facility, vibe of the staff, security, even the cops are unusually friendly and nice here this weekend. This will go down as another EPIC Phish festival.

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