Thursday, October 01, 2009

Fall Colors Linclon Gap, VT

Today we scouted out a scenic back country road from Warren to the town of Lincoln, VT called Lincoln Gap Road. What's a gap? Out west we call them mountain passes or saddles. Basically it's the lowest point between two higher areas. Well out east they seem to like the word gap. By any name it's a beautiful drive through the mountains of Vermont up and over Lincoln Gap at 2430 feet above sea level.

Vermont maple trees changing to fall colors.

Early fall Lincoln Gap Road

A hay wagon autumn foliage.

Red Barn in the Mountains of Vermont, early fall colors.

Creek runs through the National Forest

A lone tree changing to fall colors

Rolling hills of Vermont, fall foliage.

The twisty, winding roads of VT.

Yellowish green fall maple leaves.

Bluebird Birdhouse

White picket fence in the Vermont Mountains with changing fall colors.

The first snow of the fall season last night in Vermont.

Maple leaf floating in the water.

Coordinates: 44°5.71′N 72°55.74′W

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