Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Phish 8 Festival

Happy Halloween everybody!!! It's day two of the 3-day Phish 8 festival in Indio, California and it's gonna be a party. Everyone is speculating about which album Phish is going to cover for Halloween tonight. My friends Jake and Heather have been telling me "the horns are hired" and that means the Rolling Stones, guess we will see.

Phish fans dressed up as Ghost Busters.

This moving sculpture was among the interesting pieces of art in the festival grounds.

Phish 8 Speakers

The Phish 8 Beer Garden

Walking to the main stage at Phish 8 Festival

Phish General Merchandise shop.

A look at the Ferris Wheel in the Phish concert area from across the field by the main vendors area.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Phish 8 Festival Photos

We are celebrating Halloween weekend at the Phish festival in Indio, CA. I will be posting fresh, new Phish 8 festival photos and short video clips here all weekend, so stay tuned I guarantee you it will be curious, interesting and quite possibly rather bizzare at times, but always entertaining.
Why is Trey Anastasio smiling?

He just hinted while going into the song David Bowie that Phish is covering David Bowie's Hunky Dory at the Phish 8 festival in CA or are they? Jake and Heather insist they are covering the Rolling Stones, they say "the horns are hired". (Disclaimer: I've been wrong before.)

The sunsets over Hunky Dory campground at Phish 8. We are camped in Hunky Dory Campground.

The Balloon light show over the Phish audience.

Phish live video clip at Phish 8, Indio performing Wolfman's Brother in HD.

Phish is really running a nice festival so far, very pleased with the weather, facility, vibe of the staff, security, even the cops are unusually friendly and nice here this weekend. This will go down as another EPIC Phish festival.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Brandon's in Clear Lake, CA

We are chillin' at friends in Clear Lake, CA.

Brandon winning Phish RV Pass for Phish 8 Halloween in Indio, CA on eBay.

Steph and Bob at Brandon on the Balcony overlooking Clear Lake.

Cute Dog Pictures.



Saturday, October 24, 2009

Citrus Heights, CA Skate Park

Dwight Skates Citrus Heights, CA Skate Park

Located at Rusch Park 7355 Antelope Road in Citrus Heights, California.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Reagan Beach Park South Lake Tahoe, CA

We just drove over 2000 miles from Nashville, TN and we are now home in Lake Tahoe, but not to stay, just for a day or two. We are picking up Dwight, looks like he's going to Phish 8 with us.

We went down to Reagan Beach Park just off of Lake View Ave. in South Lake Tahoe, CA and caught the park in it's autumn splendor. The fall colors looking great on a lovely fall day.

Reagan Beach features something for all ages including a nice lakeside playground for the kids, volleyball and a wedding ceremony area for adults.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Welcome to Colorado

The Welcome to Colorful Colorado Sign

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Walmart Valet Parking Nashville, TN

The Wal Mart in Nashville, TN features complimentary valet parking. Classyyyyyy!

Why? The Wal Mart store is situated right net to a creek and the way they designed the parking lot it limited the available spots that are located close to the store entrance, so they offer free valet parking to customers.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jack's Bar-B-Que, Trinity Ln, Nashville TN

Today we are in Nashville, TN at Jack's Bar-B-Que for dinner. We were looking for good food in the Nashville area so we turned to the popular review website called Yelp for assistance in finding a good restaurant. We used the Yelp filters to narrow down what we were hungry for, and after reading several reviews from a variety of Yelpers, we decided on Jacks Bar-B-Que.

We each ordered a plate, which comes with cornbread or toast and two sides. Jacks ribs were tender and tasty while my beef brisket was good, but a little dry. Jack and I both had the baked beans they were excellent, I wanted a second helping, the cornbread was outstanding, mac-n-cheese mushy and although real good, it was not my favorite style of coleslaw.

Jack's Bar-B-Que was real good food, Read Jack's Bar-B-Que reviews at Yelp.