Friday, September 04, 2009


Trip Log 21,841mi.
We are in Turin, NY this Labor Day weekend for moe.down.X. We discovered moe. this summer at The All Good Festival where we were in the front row and got blown away! After that we had to attend moe.down.x at Snow Ridge ski area.

We are parked in the $10 parking lot.

You can't camp in the lot by your car & it's a long walk to the camping area. moe.down tip: Bring a cart like these smart festival goers, so you don't have to carry your stuff in your arms, that gets old in a hurry.

Security searching through everything with a fine toothed comb.
We camped right at the base of the Snowridge ski hill. You can see the ski runs it's very beautiful!

Visiting Kristen & Adams camp by the RV lot in the "nice" neighborhood.

Okemah kicks off the music at moe.down 10.

Caught a peek at the moe. set list. It was taped to the floor.
I zoomed in on it, BINGO there it was!

This powered hang glider flew over the music festival.

moe. performing at moe.down 10

Monks on stage with moe. at moe.down festival 10

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  1. to brings monks in the concert is quite a good technique to endorse music and the band. in my opinion all campgrounds including Rhode Island Campgrounds should adopt this technique.