Sunday, September 06, 2009

moe. at moe.down.x

To tell you the truth moe. is a sick rockband. They really know how to jam long and hard (that's what she said). Here are some pictures of moe. onstage at thier annual festival last weekend in Turin, NY called moe.down.x.

moe. in concert at moe.down. 10

moe. photos

moe. drummer

moe. bass player

moe. guitarist

moe. jammin onstage at moe.down.x.

A photo of moe. percussionist playing the washboard onstage.

Steve at the helm on the moe. soundboard

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  1. moe. was off the rails at moe.down this year. Thanks for the post. Here are some more photos to help relive the memory. Cheers, eh.