Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Phish Shoreline California

flowski updated his blog post from 8-05-09 -- We are at the Phish concert in Shoreline, CA. and we are having a great time. Thank goodness, security has been much more relaxed than it was at The Dead show earlier this year, thank you to whom ever decided to chill down for the Phish lot scene it was really cool, we really had a great time in California.

Check out this groovy hippie bus on the Shoreline Phish lot.

Surprise, surprise Brad dancin' is on the Phish Lot at Shoreline, CA.

The lot scene at Shoreline Amphitheater.

Who's thirsty? Ice cold beverages here!

The Shoreline Phish lot.

Somebody brought a real live marijuana plant to the Shoreline Phish lot. I'm not kidding, it was a big bushy marijuana plant sitting in the middle of Shakedown St. like it was no big deal, The cops walked by it several times and never even gave it a second glance, I'm not Bull shittn' you!

Phish on the marquee at Shoreline at the front entrance gate to the amphitheater.

We are chillin' on the lawn at Shoreline Amphitheater.

Jack and a bunch of our friends at Shoreline. Good Times!!!

A military jet airplane flew over Shoreline Amphitheater a few times.

Phish takes the stage at Shoreline in Mountain View, CA.

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