Monday, August 31, 2009

The Graylock Lighthouse Beacon

Today we are visiting the Lighthouse at the highest point in Massachusetts, because on top of Mt. Graylock at 3941' above sea level, stands a beacon that overlooks the Appalachian mountains and it looks interesting.

The lighthouse beacon at the top of 3491' Mt. Graylock.

Two plaques at the entrance of the lighthouse.

The entrance into the beacon.

Here's the ceiling on the ground level of the Mt. Graylock Beacon.

There were wreaths by the 4 windows on the ground level of the lighthouse.

The stairway up the Graylock Lighthouse Beacon.

The stairway up leads to a wonderful old spiral staircase going up to the observation level of the lighthouse.

Jack looking out one of the observation windows at the top of the Mt. Graylock Beacon.

There are plaques facing north, south, east and west like this one which let you know what you're looking at.

Looking east from the top of the beacon.

Looking down at the ski cabin. From the towering beacon on Graylock.

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